Verts on South Lamar offers St. Edward’s students discounts

As students, we are always keeping an eye out for ways to save money and make the most out of student deals. A Berlin-inspired kebab restaurant called Verts certainly makes sure St. Edward’s students get their money’s worth.

Founded in 2011 by two University of Texas at Austin alumni, the Verts Kebap owners wanted to bring their traditional German street food to Austin. With Verts being one of the only few Döner kebap restaurants in the United States, they ensure a quality dining experience, made from authentic and fresh ingredients.

Not only is the food nutritious, it is also reasonably priced with a regular sized kebap for under $7, and a small at under $5. Senior Charles Kahle is a regular Verts customer who studied in Berlin for a summer, so he loves that the traditional German food has found its way to Austin.

“I’ve been to Vert’s easily about 30 or 40 times now. I always get a traditional Döner when I’m there, with spicy red and garlic sauces, and the main salad ingredients,” Kahle said. “I’d definitely recommend it to other people.”

It does not stop there. Verts is famous for its “Thirsty Thursday” deals provided for St. Edward’s students to take advantage of. If you like sodas, Verts is the place to go. Every Thursday, at their South Lamar location, they offer free fountain drinks all day to any student with a valid St. Edward’s ID. For anyone over 21 looking to enjoy a beer or two, Verts offers half-priced draft and bottled beers from 5-10 p.m. on Thursday evenings. You can’t go wrong.

Shortly after turning 21, junior business management major Meghan O’Garr became aware of Verts due to the advertising around campus.

“I ordered an Austin Beerworks Pearl Snap and a lamb döner kebap with veggies. The beer I ordered was half priced which was awesome because drafts are usually quite expensive,” O’Garr said. “In reality, because it was my first time going there I had no idea what was good. It was absolutely amazing.”

While Verts has hosted a number of students already since its opening, Kahle believes there is an even better way to get more St. Edward’s students to try it out.

“I really wish they took Topper Tender because I’d be there a lot more often,” Kahle said.

Though Topper Tender has yet to be introduced at Verts, there are still a number of restaurants and fast food places that do accept it very close to campus.

Southside Pizza, El Gallo, ATX Food Mart, El Flaco, and CVS pharmacy, all located on South Congress Avenue, accept Topper Tender. Other possibilities also include Hea Café, Cabo Bob’s, Chipotle and Chili’s. More information on where Topper Tender can be used can be found on the St. Edward’s website.