Campus Recreation adds basketball, volleyball to club sports

Women’s club volleyball and men’s club basketball are joining the ranks of club sports next semester, becoming the 21st and 22nd clubs to be added to the club sports program.

Karla Braun is the founding member of the St. Edward’s University Club Volleyball team, which is the third all-women club sports team on campus. Braun said she is starting the club as a result of her passion for the sport and to help grow the volleyball community on campus.

“Volleyball is a passion of mine that will never disappear,” Braun said. “I love to play the sport and would love to see a bigger volleyball community.”

The club plans to scrimmage local club teams like those at The University of Texas at Austin and Texas State in the spring and to hopefully pass off the club to a new group of leaders, as Braun is graduating this upcoming May.

“Since I am starting this club so late in my college career, I really hope to leave a legacy and leave this club behind to stay strong for years to come,” Braun said.

Jezreel Asare and Rob Venturini co-founded the St. Edward’s Men’s Club Basketball team. Asare says the club will fulfill a need on campus.

“We wanted to give students the opportunity to compete beyond intramural basketball,” Asare said. “We wanted to be able to play for St. Edward’s without committing all of our time to the sport.”

Asare says the club is very committed to being a winning team. 

“The club will focus on competitiveness. We will try to have multiple practice sessions a week and meetings throughout the year,” Asare said. 

Men’s club basketball plans on having informational sessions before the end of the semester and before beginning to compete next spring, while the women’s volleyball club team plans on recruiting members at the Involvement Fair in the spring.