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Weekly SGA senate brief: Feb. 28, 2024

Chloe Almendarez / Hilltop Views
Members of the senate prepare for the weekly meeting to begin.

Here’s what happened at the Student Government Association’s formal senate meeting on Feb. 28, 2024.

Executive report

SGA President Mikayla Pastrano acknowledged recent campus events regarding student advocacy for the return of a Pride flag to Meadows Coffeehouse. Pastrano emphasized SGA’s commitment to continuously advocate for student concerns and notified the senate of ongoing conversations with St. Edward’s administration to reach a compromise on the matter. 

Legislative report

  • Senator Tate Burchfield announced that he is working with Senator Luis Rios and Senator Max Hoelker on legislation to implement symbols of inclusion in high traffic places, such as the Ragsdale lobby. Burchfield encouraged students to continue to voice their concerns regarding signs of inclusion on campus to SGA;
  • Senator Nick Walker detailed plans for legislation regarding campus safety and changes to roadways. Walker will be meeting with Assistant Vice President of Operations Jim Morris to discuss this initiative further;
  • Senator Olivia Prior updated the senate on the university green fund legislation, including efforts to work with Morris on how to move forward. Prior urged students to provide feedback on sustainability for the fund’s implementation. 

Judicial Report

Chief Justice Hailey Green announced to the senate that there has been a decreased amount of parking citations in the past week. Green then identified three main issues faced by students parking on campus:

  1. Having up-to-date permits. Students must be aware of the dates on their purchased passes, as some permits are by semester and some by school year;
  2. Injured students. In the case of injury, Green advises students to contact parking, which will connect them to disability services to obtain a temporary parking pass;
  3. Individuals that have obtained a high number of citations and are close to having their vehicle towed. Green advises students who face financial difficulties purchasing passes and paying citations to contact parking services to discuss solutions and make appropriate arrangements. 

Parking can be contacted by email at [email protected] and by phone at 512-326-7275.


A funding request from the Muslim Student Association for their attendance to MSA Showdown, a weekend long tournament hosted in Dallas that the organization will attend from March 1 – 3 (approved).

Bills Passed

Senate Bill 01 “Big Event Independence”: To remove Big Event from the Student Government Association bylines to allow for the service project to become an independent student organization. This will allow for the project to have increased access to financial resources to support year-to-year growth. Authored by SGA Vice President Justin Trevino and sponsored by Senator Olivia Prior (approved for final passage).

The meeting concluded with a final roll call at 7:29 p.m.

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