Huddle’s food change unwanted, longer hours desired instead


While the changes are appreciated, longer hours are preferred.


“Shanding” was unveiled on Jan. 21 at the Huddle. With a series of “pop-up” restaurants soon to follow, our favorite Mexican hangout is in jeopardy.

How much longer will we have to endure this imitation Chinese food? Well, fear no more, for it will be gone this upcoming week.

The Huddle will then go back to its original food, chips and queso, and all the other greasy glory that comes with buffet-style Mexican food. However, changes will soon come again the following week with Italian food.

Why the disturbance in the flow of Huddle Nature? According to Michael A. Smith, Father of Huddle Nature and more importantly the general manager of Bon Appetit, they are not only attempting to give variety, but align it with sensible time frames.

For instance, Chinese food was for the New Year, Italian food will be for Valentine’s Day, and French food for Mardi Gras. From there, Middle Eastern, Asian, and Greek food are soon to follow.

Before, Bon Appetit had pop-up restaurants that only lasted a day. This is the first time that a pop-up restaurant has been expanded to a week. So it is safe to assume that St. Edward’s students should appreciate the guinea pig treatment.

However, with lines that reach the door and orders that take up to an hour, it is questionable just how prepared the staff was with the bold adjustment.

Not only is food in scarce supply, with it being a rarity that they have the full menu to offer, but the annoying phrase “we just ran out” seems to be muttered out of every employee.

Is it so bad to want the old Huddle? The old dependable Huddle, where a quesadilla was always one tortilla press away.

While John Woods, a cook for Bon Appetit, quickly comes to the rescue of what the chain was trying to accomplish with statements like: “It keeps students interested,” and “We’ll get better with time,” or my personal favorite: “We can’t make authentic food, because we have food regulations.”

But is this really what St. Edward’s students want? Why is not possible to provide both imitation-culturally-ethnic food and Tex-Mex cuisine?

I beg to ask that St. Edward’s should instead invest money in longer operation hours. Am I the only one scratching my head as to why the Huddle closes earlier on Fridays and Saturdays than any other day of the week?

So nice try, St. Ed’s, with the appeasing accommodations, but if you really want to make us happy, stay open later than 8 p.m.

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