Students Plow Through a Garden Workday


During a colorful workday at the campus garden volunteers re-painted chairs and benches, and chose rocks to paint for the growing rock garden.

Students for Sustainability held a garden workday on a sunny Saturday in February. This organization’s goal is to bring life to campus through harvesting and caring for plants. They work hard to bring a sense of sustainability to St. Edward’s, and one way in which they do this is by holding Garden Workdays, open for all students to lend a hand. Dedicated members such as Bri Boughter and Luke Tobias led the group of volunteers and members to success during this Garden Workday. The one-and-a-half hour event took place at the campus garden, and members of SFS arrived together with volunteers to spruce the garden up. Cleaning, planting and painting were some of the things at the workday that help make the garden a place that more students and pollinators want to stop by.